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Apartment complex SYFORME NISHI-OI 401
1K / 4th floor / 21.42m²
Designer24-hour garbage disposal OKAutolockNo guarantor neededFlooring
Surrounding area
Tokyo Shinagawa-ku 西大井2丁目 22-1 View on Google Maps
Washing machine room
Parcel delivery locker
Bicycle storage
Corner room
24-hour garbage disposal service
Shared bathroom
Shared toilet
Separate bathroom and toilet
Warm water washing toilet seat
Bathroom dryer
Independent sink
Cooktop type
Number of burners on cooktop
Built-in kitchen
Automatic door lock
TV door intercom
Closed-circuit television

Other:Musical instruments negotiable, Office, Two-person, Single person, Pet, Guarantor, Water, Drainage, Internet, Shared room, Shoebox

Unit details
Construction date 2019/08
Floor plan 1K / 4th floor
Occupied area 21.42㎡
Parking lot -
Building structure RC
Direction of main light source West
Handing over of keys 2021/04 Early
Last updated 2021/11/29
Estimate of inital fees
Security deposit
87,500 yen
Key money
87,500 yen
Advance rent
Rental fee + common service fee/management fee
Introduction fee
1 month's rent + tax
360,000 yen
Estimate of monthly fees
Rental fee
87,500 yen
Common service fee/management fee, etc.
10,000 yen
97,500 yen
Estimate of other fees
Renewal fee
Lock changing fee
Room cleaning fee
Guarantor company fee
Check with real estate company
Home insurance fee
Check with real estate company
There may be fees other than those listed here. <br>Please contact the real estate company for the <br>exact fees.
87,500 yen per month Management fee: 10,000 yen per month
1K / Room 401 / 4th floor / 21.42m² Other rooms
Security deposit 87,500 yen Key money 87,500 yen
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